Promoting Cross-Border Economic Coordination, Cooperation, Exchange, and Joint Ventures

An announcement for entrepreneurs and startups to register in the project of promoting exchange and economic cooperation and supporting cross-border business partnerships

- We are looking for entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs and start-ups to join the EU-funded Cross-Border Economic Cooperation and Support Project

- Are you at an early stage of looking for technical and financial support for your project / idea?

- You now have the opportunity to be with us from the start and take advantage of the services offered by our program in the next three years ...

The JEST Foundation in Jerusalem, in partnership with the Palestinian NGO Development Advisory Board, has announced the start of receiving registration applications in the incubation services for entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs and businessmen who promote economic cooperation and trade between the borders. Funded by the European Union. During the project period, 210 Palestinian / Palestinian leaders from the West Bank, Jerusalem and the interior (the Palestinian Arab sector) will be targeted and invited to participate in meetings among themselves to produce pioneering economic ideas and partnerships. ?????? ???? ??????? ???????? ???????? ??? ???????. The results of these meetings will be selected from a number of ideas and partnerships. The best will be selected in a competitive manner to invite them to benefit from the incubation services for a period of two months to develop the idea of ??projects. The ideas and entrepreneurs will then be evaluated in a transparent manner to select the 15 projects that contribute to enhancing economic exchange between the borders and supporting them through investment in Their projects.

Conditions relating to beneficiaries (registration criteria)
The applicant must have sufficient time and time for the project and be committed to attend all his activities.
To be interested in the field of establishing a project that promotes economic exchange between the West Bank and the inside (the Palestinian Arab Center)
Applicant must be a Palestinian residing in the West Bank or Jerusalem or at home.
The applicant must be at least 18 years of age.
The applicant must have an initial idea or an emerging company / project not exceeding two years old.

Application Receiving Mechanism (Project Registration)

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