PMDP _Hi-Tech Employment Generation Project in Jerusalem- Phase 1

JEST aims to facilities a stronger IT ecosystem for East Jerusalem youth who are looking for IT-related employment and entrepreneurial opportunities.

The goal of the "Hi-Tech Employment Generation Project" is to contribute to the development of the ICT sector in East Jerusalem and area C around Jerusalem to increase the number of graduates who find jobs in their field by bridging the gap Skills (technical and soft) between fresh ICT graduates’ and local startup teams’ professional knowledge and technical and soft skills, and the requirements of the marketplace, especially with the multi nationals. 

JEST through PMDP has started phase1 which is a needs assesemnet that is expected to:

  • Determine the size, characteristics, and human capital requirements of the demand side of Hi-Tech companies based in Jerusalem for the Jerusalemite 
  • Understand the size and characteristics of Palestinian Hi-Tech related graduates of Jerusalem origin.
  • Capture and analyse the key gaps, market failures, or constraints which prevent greater number of Jerusalemite ICT grads from finding employment
  • Recommend a series of well-thought, smart interventions which may be able to address these gaps and failures in the Jerusalem context

The Palestinian Market Development Programme (PMDP) is funded by the UK Department for International Development (UKAid) and the European Union (EU) in-cooperation with the Ministry of National Economy, with offices in Ramallah and Gaza. The programme aims to improve private sector competitiveness through technical assistance and matching grants, with the aim to generate employment opportunities especially for women and youth.