Opportunities to enter the Indian market meetup

As part of promoting business relations with India, we were delighted to host a business delegation from India, looking to invest & partner with innovative companies, in the following key sectors: HR Tech, Retail, e-Commerce & Digital Health.

The event showed 3 aspects of opportunities for innovation to break into India:
1. HR Tech: The growing requirement to recruit, assess, evaluate, train and manage an ever growing young workforce 

Keynote Speaker: Vinay Murthy :
- Serial Entrepreneur with 15+ years into Human Capital Management, servicing Fortune 100 Clients in India & Overseas
- CEO of Antal Infotech, a JV with Antal, UK for Hi-End IT Hires for Temp Hiring in India. Grown to 200+ staff in 3 years
- Evangelist for Talent Transformation in India, determined to elevate a 100 million lives through Online Talent Platforms

2. The state of E-Commerce in India: Making sense of a HUGE market that begins to access online goods & services via 900M smartphones
Guest Speaker: Rahuel Stone
- Co-Founder of Tenovia, a leading e-Commerce consulting company, working with India's largest online brands

3. Startups in India: With a growing young and digital population, innovation is growing ever faster with the younger generation
Guest Speaker: Akshay Cherian 
- Co-Founder of Business Sherpa focusing on accelerating businesses from startup to scale up. They are currently leading a portfolio of 12 companies.
- Co-founder of Meta Results: has co-led over 50 innovation projects for mid-sized & Fortune 1000 companies with over $10 million in results.
- Lead Coach for products to 21 product teams at Institute of Product Leadership