Digital marketing Course

The Digital Marketing course with Ahmad Barakat, has been one of the most successful courses taught at JEST. The 21 participant came from different backgrounds and a varied age range, some of them were business owners and some had business ideas. The course covered many topics and came across several digital channels such as social media, email, and personal websites to connect with the current and prospective customers. Networking is another aspect, that gave results within the same group that took the course, as the members have clicked as a group and started supporting each other with their business. 

About the trainer: 

Ahmad Barakat is a consultant and a digital marketing trainer, managed to develop the digital marketing strategies of many leading companies in Palestine. In addition, he is always active and works on creating awareness for the public and for the companies in the digital marketing sector. 



Start date : 2/5/2017
Hours : 160H
Trainer : Ahmad Barakat

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