The coworking space provides an open workspace where entrepreneurs can come together, share their ideas with others, and work on their startups .
Accelerator is where the entrepreneurs dream will be turned to business reality with the help of professional coaching and mentors.
Entrepreneurs will have access to networking and co-working space with the help of mentors. Incubation helps the entrepreneurs business by providing a encouraging and supporting environment for them during the serious stage of their new business. The purpose of incubation is to escalate the chance of business will grow with short amount of time .
Entrepreneurs will get the chance to meet with those who share the same interest as them through either social media or networking.
Entrepreneurs will learn how to achieve their business goals, work through hardships for example through economy changes. Also, how to improve their business skills.
Focuses more on each individual´s startup by helping them avoid or solve any problems that may occur with their project. The mentors will also point out some of their experience, knowledge and their network with professional mentors that might interest the individual.