East Jerusalem provides the perfect environment to grow entrepreneurship. The urgent need for new job opportunities, the access to all markets and the talented human resources indicate that this overlooked area can foster an entrepreneurial community and replicate the success achieved by its neighbors.

All these are the inspiration for JEST (Jerusalem Entrepreneurs Society and Technology), which was launched with the goal of planting a seed from which an entrepreneurial community can grow. JEST is centered around a physical hub for existing and aspiring entrepreneurs, as well as students and innovators. The services that JEST provides help create a rich and effective entrepreneurial/startup ecosystem in East Jerusalem.

Ranging from technical and financial assistance to hosting a variety of events and gatherings, JEST fills a vacuum and furnishes a wide spectrum of activities. It supports the establishments of new startups and helps speed up the process, creating job opportunities, and it promotes a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship among East Jerusalem residents.

The JEST hub hosts new and existing startups, to be supported by affordable and shared administrative services. Through JEST collaboration among ventures, pooling of resources and the establishment of joint initiatives and partnerships are encouraged.

JEST is becoming a focal point for business development, strategic planning, marketing, and access to local, regional, and global markets, showcasing public and private sector businesses through cooperation and partnership.


Here at JEST, we are serious about surrounding ourselves with passionate, driven people who can help us grow and improve our entrepreneurial community. We seek to build and maintain a board of members with a wide range of experiences, competencies and perspectives. Our board includes 7 Jerusalemites, with visionary and entrepreneurial mindsets, who have passion and drive for success. This is a community that works towards the Palestinian economic development and social improvement.


Our team is formed of 3 like-minded peers: Committed, with a drive for success and who are passionate about our current strategies.

Our mentors